I’ve started using Sketchbook Pro again — scribbles everywhere!

WIP thingamajig of Moira Hawke and Sebastian.

Make me choose! — Valong asked:
Prowl or Windblade

Truth be told, I haven’t read RID or Windblade yet, but from what I’ve seen, Windblade seems pretty cool.

I also tried doing some simplified shading for when I do quick personal drawings aaand I’ll work on it. :U // [dA]

Don’t be silly! I’ve tested this serum extensively, and there have only been two incidents of severe mutation.

Make me choose! — MollyMerula asked:
Scoot or MeeM

My second most played class. <3 // [dA]

Make me choose! — fyrequeen89 asked:
Nathaniel Howe or Sigrun

Sigrun got an awesome new surfacer trinket. :D // [dA]

Commission for Valong — Humanformers of the Seekers Skywarp, Starscream, and Thundercracker hanging out and playing video games. :D // [dA]

Humanformer designs based on refs and art by Valong and doubleleaf.

Potential designs for my first two Inquisitors?? Elven mage Inari Lavellan and qunari rogue Jo Adaar. Subject to great changes once we get the DA:I character creator, of course. // [dA]

Make me choose! —

amandakitswell asked:
Sebastian Vael or Kaidan Alenko
anonymous asked:
Sebastian Vael or Varric Tethras

I’M SO BIASED. So have Sebastian trying to cook dinner. :D // [dA]

Make me choose! — breadedsinner asked:

Ashley Williams or Maya Fey

How could I possibly choose between these two awesome ladies? <3 // [dA+dA]

"Being so well versed in the Latin and Greek languages, I had not much occasion to study during the first two years of my collegiate life, which I have always thought had a tendency to make me idle, when, if I had rightly improved my time, it would have afforded me an opportunity for improvement in other sciences."

-Memoir of Colonel Benjamin Tallmadge

Modern university students, freshman Nathan Hale and sophomore Benjamin Tallmadge for The Dreamer's “Time Warped” FanArtPollooza 2014! (Enoch Hale, aka Primus, would be a junior)

Somehow, I get the feeling they’d play online games and/or D&D and use their ol’ Yale nicknames for it.

I didn’t get to polish this out as much as I would’ve liked, but considering the circumstances (it’s final exam season~!), I’m pretty okay with how it turned out. yes I know the table changed shapes, shhh…

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Make me choose! — Anonymous asked:

Your two favorite Founding Fathers [Alexander Hamilton or George Washington]

Well, if we’re talking key early American political leaders…

Though I cheated and drew him from his days as a captain of artillery, based on his appearance in The Dreamer. // [dA]