Some quick Dorian because ye. // [dA]

Honestly, I’ve drawn this dude’s outfit so many times, I figured I should do an actual fan art of him… so here’s a WIP!

I should really stop accidentally designing potential future Inquisitors before the CC comes out. And why are they all Adaars and Lavellans??

Valeska Adaar, f!Qunari mage, and Marinel Lavellan, m!elven rogue. (I swear I have warriors lined up, too) // [dA]

Bethany reads to Fenris, pointing at a passage she likes so he pays close attention, perhaps a bit flustered. Meanwhile, he looks down fondly upon her, happy at how excited she is to share her favorite story with someone… maybe more interested in her happiness than in the book itself.

Commissioned by breadedsinner // [dA]

Sometimes the future Vicountess of Kirkwall and Prince of Starkhaven need a break from their political studies.

Gosh, it’s been forever since I’ve drawn something with these two. c: // [dA]

I just wanted to see what my potential future Qunquisitor Jo Adaar might look like with the dark eyes DA2 qunari had and apparently put him in a mint chocolate chip outfit. // [dA]

Between the hype for DA:I and my replaying the games/catching up on the books, I’ve got a lot of Dragon Age resources fresh on my mind. So, I wanna try something I haven’t done before: offer a discount on Dragon Age related commissions!

I’m gonna give a 20% off discount on bust, waist-up, and chibi Dragon Age characters — and that includes OCs! The offer applies to commissions placed from July 31 - August 9.

To see base prices/examples (or if you want something non-Dragon Age), check out my commission info page!

I’ve started using Sketchbook Pro again — scribbles everywhere!

WIP thingamajig of Moira Hawke and Sebastian.

Make me choose! — Valong asked:
Prowl or Windblade

Truth be told, I haven’t read RID or Windblade yet, but from what I’ve seen, Windblade seems pretty cool.

I also tried doing some simplified shading for when I do quick personal drawings aaand I’ll work on it. :U // [dA]

Don’t be silly! I’ve tested this serum extensively, and there have only been two incidents of severe mutation.

Make me choose! — MollyMerula asked:
Scoot or MeeM

My second most played class. <3 // [dA]